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Our Process

IFS Methodology

We understand. Today's world of personal finance can be confusing. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, managed money…which is right for you? With our combined experience of more than 40 years in the financial services industry, chances are, we have helped clients just like you. You work hard, but what about the future? If you are like our clients, you want to make sure you are actually on track to achieve the goals that are important to you. That is where we come in.

We are different. During our initial meeting, we do a lot less talking and a lot more listening. We discover what your goals are, what your risk tolerance is, what your current position is, and where you want to be in the future before providing any recommendations.

We listen. The fact is, it isn't the particular investment or strategy that's good or bad. It's the application of the strategy that makes a difference. We take the time to discover what's important to you about money, before making appropriate recommendations. We'll take the time to listen to your needs.

Our Process

Finding the right solution for your personal or business needs requires us to pay special attention to the circumstances of your unique situation. This is why our financial services representatives take a needs-based approach to our insurance sales strategy. Our four-step process of analyzing, recommending, implementing, and reviewing your strategy will help ensure that you get on course to achieving your goals, and remain on course as life unfolds.

  • Analyze. Before we recommend any product or service, we ask questions and get a clear understanding of your financial goals and objectives. We then analyze your insurance portfolio to identify any gaps that may exist in your policies.
  • Recommend. We provide you with suggestions to fill in the gaps so you can choose the products best suited for your situation.
  • Implement. If you're satisfied with our recommendations, we work with you to implement your strategies and secure the required products and services to help work towards your financial freedom.
  • Review. Because your financial situation is bound to change, we work with you over time through periodic reviews to help you monitor the strategies in place, and their capacity to continuously meet your goals.

Our financial services representatives can help you with many of your financial needs. It is important to note that financial services representatives are able to provide certain services only if they are licensed to do so in your state.